Custom Spanish Guitar

Custom Spanish Guitar

Custom Spanish Guitar

"Black Sheep"

An instrument handmade for you. Each is unique, as all of us. With every guitar we build our client in addition to his guitar, it carries with it the effort and love we put into our work. Logic, ethics and local products to industrial production dehumanized and aggressive.


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The model "80%" as well the name implies, is characterized by not being an instrument built by 100 of the 100 DEPALET philosophy. You could say that this is the black sheep of the family, but has an explanation.

As we all know, in DEPALET we believe that all wood has the right to be exploited to the maximum, and then we we extend the lifespan of the wood from pallets. Assuming that wood is the last element that remains of a living being that we should respect a little more, we are aware of luxury posed for many of the neglected trees, which part of your body runs out as part of a instrument, rather than being engulfed in flames.

Well, following our line of respect, exploitation and integration of natural resources, we have decided to offer the possibility to woods like spruce or cedar, widely used in traditional building guitars, they rub shoulders with our precious wooden pallet.

As the name suggests, there is a 80% built using recycled wood instrument, and on the other hand is 20% which corresponds to hemlock or cedar, depending on the customer. We undertake not exceed such percentage since not want to fall into the "norm" that until our arrival, pallet timber destined to other services well behind the music.

The spruce or cedar, specifically used in the construction of the soundboard, which is widely known as the most important part of the guitar.

In addition, like any instrument built by DEPALET, it is possible to make it even more personal. To do it DEPALET offers several custom options (amplified, color, photo, decoupage and pyrography). Each of these options is done by hand, using proximity materials, and most importantly, you will be the designer of your guitar.

1.-Do you want to put an image on your guitar? (Can be photo or text)

Upload the image or text you want to use in customizing your instrument. It is important that the image is of sufficient quality to perform customization. The minimum resolution must be 150 dpi. If you do not know the quality of your picture, send it to us and we will check if it is viable.

2. How do you want to customize? (Color, pyrography, photo, decoupage, amplified)

Choose what you want to technique we use to customize your instrument. For "COLOR", tell us what color you want to "ENHANCED" tell us what you want before (confirm feasibility).

3.-What do part of the guitar? (Soundboard, sides, backboard or head)

Tell us where you want to apply your customization. According to the technique you choose, we will advise one area or another, as there are areas of the guitar who suffer more wear.


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