Custom guitalele

Custom guitalele

Custom guitalele

This is my guitar, because I have so loved.


More info

1.-Do you want to put an image on your guitar? (Can be photo or text)

Upload the image or text you want to use in customizing your instrument. It is important that the image is of sufficient quality to perform customization. The minimum resolution must be 150 dpi. If you do not know the quality of your picture, send it to us and we will check if it is viable.

2. How do you want to customize? (Color, pyrography, photo, decoupage, amplified)

Choose what you want to technique we use to customize your instrument. For "COLOR", tell us what color you want to "ENHANCED" tell us what you want before (confirm feasibility).

3.-What do part of the guitar? (Soundboard, sides, backboard or head)

Tell us where you want to apply your customization. According to the technique you choose, we will advise one area or another, as there are areas of the guitar who suffer more wear.

Data sheet

  • Altura - 78
  • Anchura - 38
  • Profundidad - 12


Product customization

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