"message around a bottle"

"message around a bottle"

"message around a bottle"

Eco packaging proposal for wineries who take care for the environment.

Guilt-free consumption: Based on this concept, we have developed this bottles packaging that become a wine rack.

The main asset of a winery are not its vineyards, is the quality of the environment that cares for them.

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Guilt-free consumption

  • Packaging for wine bottles (beer, liquor, wine ...), made from recycled wood.
  • Housing for two, three or four bottles. (Dimensions as bottles packaging)
  • Ecological and sustainable product for wineries responsible and original gifts.
  • Jute rope, natural rope (for next units).
  • Inside, the bottles are firmly attached to perform transport. Upon receipt of the pack, the customer must simply extract bottles, flip the shelf and hang it on the wall you want. Turning the shelf, the housing for the cups is released.
  • 100% Customizable. Wineries: Outer space to leave printed the logo of the winery. When you open the doors, two new surfaces that can be left printed the tradition of the winery generean, and on the other hand the main qualities of the wine. clearly differentiating and strong values ​​to the brand packaging.
  • 100% Customizable: End customer: the commemorative gift pack as a special occasion, wedding, christening, birthday ... an original gift that will always remind a designated date can be used.
  • The peculiarity of the wood used for its construction, will make each of them a unique and unrepeatable pack. No wood equal or equal wounds nails.

To order this product, its essential to contact to determine how do you want pack.